About me

The Im“pot”ient Pothead

Okay, so that middle syllable in impatient does not EXACTLY rhyme with the word pot… but even though it is not expressly laid out in the moniker of yours truly, it is heavily implied that impatience is a pretty big part of my life. “But surely that must be difficult to reconcile, impatience and growing plants for a living and as a passion,” you might ask. The answer to that is YES! A resounding YES! That is why I have come to specialize in auto flowering cannabis seeds versus traditional strains which rely on a certain amount of sunlight to enter their flowering stage when it comes to my own personal area of expertise. I realize that a lot of you out there are probably pretty impatient as well, which is why I decided to do something about it (since everybody else takes too long to create solutions in my world) by creating this website.

My aim is to foster interaction within the auto flowering cannabis enthusiasts with each other as well as with the larger cannabis community. I want you to discover a strain you really love, or to be able to just rave about it on the site. It has always been connections that have sustained cannabis culture around the world, and therefore I think that connections are something that should be focused on as we move forward into the future. Over here in the US where cannabis is becoming more and more widespread legally, it has been like a domino effect. The more that people know about cannabis from its biggest supporters and enthusiasts in their communities at large, the more that they become excited about cannabis themselves, many entering the culture, diversifying and enriching both local and larger networks.

So who am I, anyway? My name is Pearl. Though I have spent my entire life in the United States born and raised, my folks are English, leading me to spend many a summer over in the United Kingdom visiting family for reunions or just staying at an aunt or cousin’s home during a long holiday. Growing up, cannabis use in the UK was always a taboo, much like it was in most the States. The illicit nature of the plant made it something that was out of sight and out of mind until I hit adolescence. One summer, during a reunion, a bunch of us teens were taking a walk down the beach from the family at large. Once we got far enough away from the rest of the group for his liking, my cousin Jack, freshly turned 18, pulled out what initially looked to be a hand rolled cigarette; that is, until he sparked it up. While I had come to recognize the smell of marijuana from my high school’s bathroom during detention hours, my English cousins were not as learned as I.

“What kind of herbal cigarette you got going on there, then?” I remember one of them asking, while another asked if he had another smoke for him. I also remember Jack laughing and saying: “The only herb that matters.” The smell of tobacco mingled with the sweet smell of cannabis in the air as Jack passed another to the curious relation of ours, but it was I that answered my inquisitive family’s query, impossibly impatient as usual.

“It’s a spliff!” I’d cried out. The conversation quickly progressed into cannabis and its many uses from medical to recreational, as well as its contributions to society at large. As everything got hazy, we connected with each other on a new level with a new interest that still has us bonded today. This is part of what has motivated me to reach out to you guys across the pond about the more niche areas of the cannabis subculture, auto flowering cannabis seeds. As for me, over here in cloudy Oregon, it’s just me and my girls sharing a life together – yes, just my plants and I for right now… and all of you building this world together with me.

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