UK Law

Dear Readers

As this website is for my USA and UK Readers, I feel I must warn you all that it is illegal to grow Cannabis in UK. Information presented in this site is for INFORMATION purposes only. I would never encourage you to break the law. Though laws in USA varies from state to state in uk we have :-

Adults (18+) in possession of cannabis

If caught in possession of cannabis, as well as considering arrest and confiscating the drug, police are likely to:

  1. Give a cannabis warning for a first offence of possession – this is a written warning that does not show up on the PCN and should not show on CRB checks often carried out by employers.
  2. Give a Penalty Notice for Disorder – this is an on-the-spot fine of £80 for a second offence. You must pay this within 14 days or face going to court.
  3. Make an arrest if it is the third offence of having been caught with cannabis – this could lead to conviction in court and a criminal record.

Please see:-
Post 2005 cannabis possession
Cannabis reclassification

Your Rights
The police do not have general powers, apart from those specified in a statute, to stop and search you. You should always ask a police officer to explain on what basis they are searching you. If no search power exists you should not be searched unless you are entering sports grounds or other premises and your consent to the search is a condition of entry.

Above all please be safe and stay within the LAW!

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