Varieties of Auto Flowering Seeds

While all auto flowering cannabis seeds share the same lineage from Lowryder and other ruderalis strains, there are many different types of auto flowering seeds. You can just ask some of the seed banks out there – some of them list over 350 different kinds of auto flowering seeds! Strain knowledge and genealogy is somewhat of a highly prized commodity within the cannabis industry – breeder and grower secrets are watched over personally by the person themselves and perhaps one or two other trusted individuals most of the time, and each strain that a person creates is looked upon with the same adoration as a family heirloom or even family itself. Yes, there are certainly numerous auto flowering seeds that are worth trying out, but where do you even begin? Well, to start with, auto flowering cannabis strains can be lumped into one of two major categories – dwarf or super auto. Dwarf auto flowering cannabis strains are going to have a short stature, but will retain a normal sized plant’s yield. Super autos are satvias which can grow up and over six feet in height and produce huge harvests for the grower who has the resources and dedication to go for it. With that being said, the following are four auto flowering seeds that you should definitely think about purchasing as a grower if you are looking into different types of auto flowering seeds at all.

  1. Lowryder: As the strain that started it all, you owe it to Lowryder to grow at least one of its members in your crop when you start using auto flowering seeds. This revolutionary hybrid has enjoyed a place in the annals of cannabis history for all of its attributes – how could someone possibly pass that up? This strain embodies the dwarf variant of auto flowering seeds, as it grows no higher than 16 inches tall. Many find that when it comes time to try out the effects of Lowryder that they are disappointed shortly after ingesting it, but veteran smokers (or edible aficionados, shatter experts, etc) know that Lowryder’s effects have a tendency to “creep up on you”, and once they do, they will certainly knock your socks off in all areas of performance. This makes Lowryder a great standby for any grower, not just one focused in auto flowering seeds. In addition to this, it has a distinctive taste that many smokers have come to love, combining sweet undertones with a piney, buttery body that just leaves you feeling satisfied.
  2. Northern Lights: This is another strain with quite a bit of word of mouth advertising behind it. Northern Lights has come in and out of vogue for years in the cannabis market, but the reason it keeps coming back is because it is simply that excellent. It is one of the highest potency strains of cannabis indica when it comes to THC concentrations. This award winning strain hails from Seattle, Washington according to legend, and has been making waves since its introduction in 1989. Northern Lights did start out somewhat mystically, coming out of the fog from a pseudo-mythical grower known as “The Indian” and winning awards without anybody knowing where it truly came from. However, despite the magic of the strain, this strain also receives quite a bit of attention from the scientific community. It has clear gender differences between the male and female plants, making it easy to study structurally. In addition to this, its high potency has made it an ideal selection of cannabis strains when it comes to testing the family of plants as a whole for their medicinal efficacy. To top it all off, Northern Lights has a reputation for being simple to grow, even for auto flowering strains, making it another all-around winner in the auto flowering seed family.
  3. Amnesia Haze: With a name like that, it has to be good! When you look into what Amnesia Haze brings to the table, good starts to seem almost like an insult to the poor plant. This auto flowering strain packs all the punch of a full photosensitive satvia strain, however, because it has been created specifically as a hybrid to auto flower, it grows to far shorter heights than its true satvia cousins. This obviously makes Amnesia Haze a more accessible satvia strain for many growers, though it does have its own individual downsides, such as the longer growing cycle of 12 to 20 weeks depending on growing methods. However, it is certainly worth the investment, as the euphoric high produced by the signature high quality buds of this strain pack a punch that cannot be ignored. This auto flowering strain even carries over signature sweet and musky flavors from its traditional cousins. Truly Amnesia Haze is the best of both worlds, combining the accessibility of auto flowering seeds with highly refined cannabis strains that aim to please.
  4. Sugar Black Rose: To round out this list of heavy hitting auto flowering seeds, Sugar Black Rose is an auto flowering indica that is highly valued for its medicinal properties. It has average 18% THC and medium content CBD (between 0.5 and 1%). This strain could very well be aiming to be the miracle drug that many cannabis users claim the family of plants is, as it is used with great efficacy to treat sleep deprivation, stress-oriented symptoms (mental and physical), spasms, nausea, muscle tremors, and chronic pain. What really sets it apart from many other medical strains, however, is that it can be grown with all possible methods to about the same degree of high quality success in harvest – you can grow Sugar Black Rose indoors, outdoors, hydroponically, or organically with dirt. Humidity levels seem to not effect this strain in the slightest during its growth period, as its dense set dark green buds refuse to be anything less than the best, no matter where they are at. The grow cycle length on this strain is just between 47 and 50 days as well, so this is one treat you won’t have to wait a while for.

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